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All things are possible with God.

God created you as a unique and special person. He yearns for you to become the person he meant for you to be. He wants you to be a true winner, inside and out.

Can Jesus really set captives free? We answer that question with an emphatic “YES!”

That isn’t just theology. We see people set free every day, year after year!

How can we know what the famous “experts” have missed? Jesus said it best —

I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

How about you? Isn’t it time to give something different a
chance? Check out the tabs above to help decide if
it’s for you, or your whole group.
(Don’t forget Performance.)

Then contact us and get started on
taking your life to a new level!
■ 13 year old boy with Attention Deficit
Disorder was able to start this school year
with no medication. (after being on 5 drugs
and still failing before).

■ 58 year old man with chronic back pain and
previous back surgery was given only a
50% hope of success for more surgery. We
prayed and his back was healed two days later.

■ Woman released from fear of doctors due to
molestation as a child.

■ 11 Year old boy set free from fears and bed

■ 60 year old woman found freedom from
suicidal thoughts she had suffered with most
of her life.

■ 54 year old man victorious over addiction
to Pornography.

■ 43 year old man was able to finish grieving
his mother's death that occured when he was 7.

■ 29 year old man identified a false belief that
threatened his marriage and was released.

■ Man who was sexually abused at 6 years
old forgave his parent and was released from

■ Man set free from crippling attitude of
inferiority inherited from his father.

■ 61 year old woman forgave husband and
was released from bitterness, giving their
marriage new life and amazing friends.

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